Why use a URL-rotator

What will a URL-rotator do for you:

Used correctly, it will eventually MAKE YOU MORE MONEY. How?

It will improve your lead-generation through higher convertions from your landing-pages. It will improve your number of sales through higher conversions from your sales-pages. By giving you more sales, it will eventually put more money in your pocket.

What is a URL-rotator:

A URL-rotator is a code that rotates between different URL’s. That means, when you send people to the rotator link, they will end up on different destinations/pages every time they click that link. Which pages and how many they will be rotated through, is something you specify in the URL-rotator code.

Want to see an example – Clicking this link will rotate you between three different pages. Try click it a few times.

How to use a URL-rotator correctly:

The correct way to use a URL-rotator is in this case, to use it for optimizing your conversions. The way to do that is for example, to create three different landing-pages that promotes the same thing – just with three different looks, and three different angles/selling points. By having a third of the visitors go to the first landing-page, a third to the second and a third to the last one, you can now see which one of these three pages is converting the best.

This way you are having three different landing-pages compete with each other, and as soon as it is clear which one converts best, you remove the other two from the rotator.

That is a simple way to use a URL-rotator to optimize your conversions.

You can do this with landing-pages, sandwich/bridge-pages and sales-pages… And there is no limit to how many pages you can create to compete with each other. For instance, when you have found a winner between the three landing-pages from the example before, you can try and create a new landing-page based on the data you got from the test, and maybe make an even better one. Now add this to your rotator and see if it can outperform the original winner.

You can do this as many times you want. If you do, there is a great chance that you will see your conversions skyrocket.


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